Chocolatey & UnxUtils

Español Hello all!   Short post this time, I brought you 2 utilities I have come to really like while working on Windows.   I believe some things are easier with a GUI but others are faster and easier with a CLI tool, that comes from some years using linux as a user 🙂 So, […]

Variadic Templates & concat

In this post I present the ‘variadic templates’ feature of C++11 using a concatenation utility function as an example.

En este artículo presento una feature the C++11 llamada ‘variadic templates’ utilizando una función utilitaria de concatenación.

MySQL Workbench

Español Hello! This time the post will be brief, (you could say it’s just to buy me some time for the next one with code 🙂 ). It’s a mention to a tool that I’ve been using at work for DBAdmin related tasks. Mostly using the visual design tool to avoid writing raw SQL at […]